“Yummy doughnut muffins -  These things are to die for!” Cassurie M.

New Processing Times

It’s off season for farmers markets, which unfortunately means we keep less stock on hand. It’s much more important for us to give you a fresh product. Please be advised that some orders may take a slightly longer time than normal to process, but we will still get your order out as soon as possible. For questions, please send us an email through the “Contact” link.

Note: Giant Taste, Skinny Waist products are packaged in a shared facility. We make every possible effort to avoid cross-contamination, including having no wheat present during processing and absolutely no shared equipment. Random tests have been negative down to 10ppm using ELISA instant tests. All mixes may contain traces of almonds from shared equipment with almond flour. Extremely sensitive individuals should be advised. Please contact us with your questions. 

Our Products

Green Banana Brownies Mix $7.97

Mug Treats $2.97 each


Gluten Free Corn Muffins Mix $7.97


Meal Prep Made Easy e-book $9.97


Primal Pancakes $7.97


“Oh my gosh! We just made the banana bread mix. It was AMAZING!” Marcy W.

“I liked how they were hearty and filling, rather than squishy and soggy, like regular pancakes.” Anne M.

“Doughnut Muffins...mmmm… :)” Jeremy D.

"The brownies are my FAVORITE!  I can enjoy every bite without feeling guilty!"  Megan R.

“Banana Bread was excellent, very easy to make and delicious! I like the convenience of having a healthy mix on hand that I only have to add a few ingredients. It seriously only took me 3-5 minutes prep time. As a very busy mom who wants the best for her family, this is fabulous. Keep the mixes coming!!!” Debra T.

“All the added chemicals, preservatives and especially dyes can make Autism symptoms worse, and helping Mom cook helps [my son] back to ‘cookin’ with his processing. I would love to find healthy mixes to give him so it doesn’t take mom hours to clean up after, without spending an arm and a leg to get them.” (muffins) Megan S.