Customer Product Reviews

We love to hear from our customers! These are some things people are saying about Giant Taste, Skinny Waist gluten free and paleo products. 

Misty Doughnut Muffins.jpg

Misty F., American Fork, UT

We received a special delivery from Giant Taste, Skinny Waist today (😘) so I figured it was the perfect opportunity, prompted by an earlier post in this group, to let my toddler help me cook! He chose the Doughnut Muffins. 

To start, the mix was in cute packaging (that I would feel comfortable gifting) with super easy to follow instructions. 

As a busy working mom, I was excited to learn how easy and quick they were to make and how few ingredients were required. 

Most importantly, they were delicious! Husband and toddler tested... Husband and toddler approved! We chose to add the glaze which gave them just a touch more sweetness, but not so much as to overpower the flavor of the muffins themselves. I’m not a big fan of applesauce, but I didn’t taste it at all and it made them super moist and gave them a nice texture.

We loved these and are excited to try other mixes soon! I will definitely be buying more for my family, as well as to gift to gluten free (and non gluten free) friends! Thanks for creating a product that will make my life easier.