I don’t know about you, but I LOVE TREATS! I probably have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. It doesn’t matter what it is - I love cookies, doughnuts, scones, brownies and, speaking of brownies, pretty much anything chocolate. I’ve never met a piece of chocolate I wasn’t willing to scarf down.

That can, and often does, lead to what I call #fatkidproblems. I really want to be skinny and fit, but I also really, really love treats.

A year or so before I founded this company I was learning how to make treats that weren’t loaded with sugar and refined flour. Due to food allergies in the house we had to avoid wheat and milk … and guess what kind of recipes that took me to? Paleo. I fell in love with Paleo cooking and baking and quickly discovered that oat flour substituted nicely for almond flour in most recipes. I also loved oat flour because it most closely mimicked the behavior of wheat in a lot of recipes.

People LOVED the treats I was making and even more loved that they were actually not that bad for you. People would ask me for the recipes, which I would happily share - but take one look at the list of ingredients and proclaim there was no way they would make that recipe, but “thanks anyway.”

That got me thinking … what if I did the hard part with the “weird flours” and all you had to do was add the wet stuff, just like any other commercial baking mix? It was a success, at least on a small scale, and Giant Taste, Skinny Waist was born.

It didn’t take long in business to realize that “wheat free” wasn’t good enough - people wanted gluten free. To make a really long story slightly shorter, we went through several recipe variations until I was able to eliminate the oats and stick to gluten free ingredients. Of course, a year or so later, I realized that gluten free also wasn’t enough, people were now avoiding sugar. Now we are working hard to incorporate sugar-free treats - aka keto-friendly.

If you’ve ever tried to bake with keto-friendly ingredients, you no doubt understand how challenging it can be. Almond and coconut flour do not behave like other gluten free flours. But, when I see the faces of the amazing people I meet at farmers’ markets getting so excited that they can have a treat at the market, too - it’s totally worth it.

Most of our products are gluten free and only a few are keto-friendly, but we’re working on things literally all the time. Click on the shop button and see what we have to offer - you’ll be glad you did!

Oh yeah, and we love hearing from our customers. Click on the contact link and send us a message. We want to hear what’s on your mind.